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The dictionary meaning of the word Tools: The means whereby some act is accomplished.Use of tools started at the beginning of the Stone Age. Humans have made knives, among the oldest tools, since that time. Sophisticated tools have been used since the beginning of civilization. Most anthropologists believe that the use of tools was an important step in the evolution of mankind.With the urge to evolve, 31 years ago, Mohammed Lokhandwala a young lad in his early twenties recognized this importance. His interest in tools grew and he set out educating himself about tools industry. As his interest grew into an obsession his small little enterprise grew into a full fledged business.

First came Goodwill Hardware stores that catered to the hand tools market. But the fascinating world of tools knows no bounds. With Goodwill Enterprises and with backing of the new generation in the form of his two sons Murtuza and Juzer , Mohammed Lokhandwala set on an ambitious task. Tools for all tasks. Today it is Goodwill Enterprises’s Endeavour to stock a wide variety of tools. Pneumatic tools, Electronic tools , Carpentry tools , Engg. tools , Assembly tools , Telecommunication tools , precision tools, aeronautic tools, displayed in a 1250 sq feet large showroom that makes it more convenient for the client to choose from.

With an experience of over three decades Goodwill Enterprises deals in only premium brands. Value for money, prompt service - before and after sales, value added services, on time deliveries, customization of tool kits, product manufacturing are some of the things that set Goodwill Enterprises apart from other stockiest and dealers. It is no surprise then that today Goodwill Enterprises enjoys the patronage of prestigious names who have instilled confidence is us over the years and continue to do so.If the dictionary states the meaning of the word tool asThe means whereby some act is accomplished, we personify the very word. Goodwill Enterprises is your tool to accomplishment.

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